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The uniview tec video management software is a powerful tool used to manage IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, servers and video wall controllers. With up to 1024 local channels you can view 64 live channels in a live mode, custom view, multi-window, corridor and many more. The VMS provides functionality for local recording based on schedules, or alarm events. Playback is supported in various modes to meet your needs.

Guard Station – CMS software

Guard Station VMS – Windows

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Guard Station VMS – Mac

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Guard Tool – Camera Utility software

Guard Tool Utility Software

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Guard Player

Guard Player

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  • Unified management for IP cameras, NVRs, storage servers, network keyboards, etc.
  • Efficient and automatic device search (or search by network segment); add devices by domain name/IP address; add devices and adjust time in batches.
  • Up to 64 live view channels (on up to 4 monitors) and sequence display, corridor mode, fisheye Dewarping, two-way audio.
  • Playback: time/event retrieval, local/remote, synchronous/asynchronous, smart recording, event and VCA recording, smart search and SD card search.
  • Diverse functions: Management of Recording schedules; Camera & two-way audio; PTZ controls; E-Map; Video Wall; Perimeter Protection; Face Recognition; Access Control.
  • People counting: people flow counting, crowd density monitoring, export statistics by day /week / month / year.
  • Alarm management such as service alarm (event alarm, VCA alarm), device alarm (online /offline, etc.), alarm linkage (live view, etc.), real-time / history.
  • Flexible maintenance of functions and friendly user interface for easy operation.