S. No. Date Title Download
TN1001 08-22-2019 Using alarms with browser interface Download
TN1002 08-22-2019 How to setup the long range poe capability of the uniview tec camera Download
TN1003 08-22-2019 Registering on star4live with guard viewer app Download
TN1004 08-22-2019 Using uniview tec camera with Advanced Technology Video NVR Download
TN1005-1 09-15-2023 Accessing Camera Menu Through NVR Download
TN1006-1 09-23-2023 Motion Setup Download
TN1007 10-22-2019 Automatic Network Replenishment Feature (ANR) Download
TN1008 10-23-2019 How to Listen to Live Audio Download
TN1009-1 10-17-2023 Univiewtec with 3rd party providers and RTSP Download
TN1010 12-18-2019 Alarm Push Notifications/ E-mail Notifications Download
TN1011 04-22-2022 Univiewtec Star4Live/ WebPlayer Plugin Setup Download
TN1012 05-09-2022 NVR User Setup Download
TN1013 05-09-2022 Updating Firmware via Cloud Download
TN1014 05-09-2022 Motion Detection Setup via Browser Download
TN1015 06-24-2022 Unbind_Cloud_Account Download
TN1016-1 07-05-2023 Video Image Flicker, Pulsing or Strobing Download
TN1017 06-22-2022 Export Larger Clips Via Browser Download
TN1018 06-22-2022 Accessing System Information Download
TN1019 06-24-2022 Star4Live_Configuration Download
TN1020-4 01-13-2024 License Plate Capture Camera Setup IPLPRB2447MX Download
TN1021 12-09-2022 Adding Custom Audio to IPCSD54X and IPCSD2428X Cameras Using
the Guard Viewer App
TN1022 06-16-2023 Email Account Setup Download
TN1023 06-23-2023 Password Reset Download
TN1024 08-24-2023 Guard Station Custom View Download
TN1025 08-24-2023 Clip Copy Video Download
TN1026 09-07-2023 Password Reset with 4KTestMonitor Download
TN1027 01-13-2024 Configuring lights and sounds Download
TN1028 01-13-2024 Linking Alarms Download
TN1030 02-02-2024 Video Storage Download